In addition to our Windsurfing Rentals, we now offer kayaks, sailboats and stand-up paddling rentals, too! Call for special rates for larger groups!

Windsurfing Boards

Calema offers Windsurfing gear for beginner to advanced sailors.  We feature Fanatick, Goya and KONA boards, from longboards to widestyle to short boards. Sails from Simmer, Goya and Aerotech range from 1.5 (for kids) up to 10.0. We will rig up your equipment for you right on the shoreline and you can change your equipment as the weather changes for no additional fee. *All renters must have at least basic skills to rent. Lessons are available for those with less than basic skills (by appointment).

Beginner Board
Complete with Rig

3 Hours: $55

Full Day: $85

Calema has Fanatic Vipers and KONA Hula’s (designed by Tinho) available with user friendly sails up to 6.5. Choose 3hrs or a Full Day of Windsurfing and pick the time you want to start. Morning winds are ideal for those just learning. Learn more

Performance Board
Complete with Rig

3 Hours: $55

Full Day: $85

Calema’s Performance Equipment ranges from KONA One boards with centerboards to Fanatic Widestyle and short boards. Boards range from 86 – 145 liters for shortboards and sails are available up to 10.0. Choose 3hrs or a Full day. Learn more

Racing Board
Complete with Rig

3 Hours: $85

Full Day: $125

Calema’s RACE equipment is the top of the line. This includes the Fanatic Falcons and Formula Race Boards – many are carbon for lightweight responsive sailing. Higher level skill is required for rental of this gear. Choose 3hrs or a Full Day. Learn more

Kayaks & Paddleboards

Kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards can be rented and taken on a “self-guided” excursion for a 1hr/3hr or Full Day rental. We have single and tandem kayaks available as well as Stand-up paddleboards for all sizes and skill levels. A brief introduction is given on how to launch, land and paddle as well as some review of wind and places to paddle. You can explore at your own pace along the Banana River. Start at any time of the day and go for as long as you’d like between opening and closing hours of operation.
Unlike what other companies offer, Calema allows you to go with a group OR go self guided for our Sunrise or Bioluminescence experience.   Children are welcome but must have an accompanying adult.

Single Kayak

1 Hour: $20

3 Hours: $40

Full Day: $45

Our Single Kayaks are ‘sit-inside’ kayaks. They are stable and user friendly for all skill levels and sizes – children 10yrs to adults up to 325lbs. Our smaller single kayaks are ideal for children and small adults (up to 150lbs). The single kayaks sit low to the water and allow for easier paddling even in wind. Choose 1hr / 3hrs / Full Day. Learn more

Tandem Kayak

1 Hour: $25

3 Hours: $45

Full Day: $55

Calema’s tandem kayaks are ‘sit on top’. They can accommodate up to 2 adults with a 3rd small child in the middle. They are stable and self draining. They can hold up to 485lbs. total weight. Clip on Seatbacks can be added for additional paddling comfort. Choose from 1hr / 3hrs / Full Day.  No prior experience is necessary. Learn more

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
Untitled-6 copy

1 Hour: $25

3 Hours: $55

Full Day: $75

Calema offers a variety of Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP’s) for all skill levels. Boards from Fanatic, Riviera and Tinho’s custom Squid Design boards allow for various size paddlers from children to adults. Paddles are adjustable for paddlers heights and leashes are provided with every board. Learn more

Kayak/SUP Adventures

Sunrise Adventure: $40

Bioluminescence Adventure: $40

Island Tour: $55

Hit the water earlier (Sunrise) or later (Sunset/Bioluminescence) on your own or be guided by one of Calema’s staff members.  Make it a family adventure to a nearby island (Island trip).  All ages welcome – but children must have an accompanying adult. Single and Tandem Kayaks and SUP’s available. Learn more


Calema offers both monohull and multihull sailboats for rental. With boats right on the shore of the Banana River, launching is easy and the Banana River offers a large open area to explore and enjoy the breezes that blow year round.
To rent a sailboat at Calema – you must be able to demonstrate skills appropriate to the type of sailing craft. For the Catamarans, a checkout with a Calema Staff member is required prior to the 1st rental – Cost is $35 for the checkout. Once passed, no other checkouts on future rentals for that type of boat are required.

All Rental rates are per BOAT, not per person. Any rented boat must have the skilled sailor (who had the checkout) aboard at all times. For the Stiletto – “Taste of Sailing”, the rate is for the first 2 persons – additional persons can be added for a fee.

Sailboat rentals are available for 3hrs or Full day. Late returns will be charged a late fee. Renters will be charged for damage to equipment. Sales tax of 7% is charged on all rentals.

Sunfish/Force 5

3 Hours: $65

Full Day: $85

Our Sunfish/Force 5 hulls are rigged with a very user friendly single sail system. They are ideal boats for more recreational sailors and can accommodate up to 2 adults (max 300lbs). Choose from 3hrs or a Full day on the water. Learn more


3 Hours: $75

Full Day: $95

Our Vaurien is a two sail monohull. It is user friendly and fast. It is an ideal boat for recreational sailors and can accommodate up to 3 small adults & or 2 adults and 2 children (max 400lbs). Choose from 3hrs or a Full day on the water. Learn more


3 Hours: $85

Full Day: $125

Our Catamarans are for the adventurous and skilled sailor. Prior catamaran (with main and jib) experience required. Catamarans can accommodate up to 4 adults (max 550lbs). Choose from 3hrs or Full Day rental. **Checkout required of ALL first time renters! Learn more

23' Stiletto Catamaran

2 Hrs/2 People/$200

The Stiletto 23′ Catamaran – skippered by Tinho – is an exciting multi-hull experience for up to 6 people. No experience necessary – be ‘hands on’ or just relax and ride! See dolphins and manatees as you glide/fly across the Banana River.  Rate is for first 2 people/2hrs – then $40 for each additional person. **Max weight – 230lbs – max total 950lbs). Learn more

Rental Policies


For KAYAKS & SUP rentals – no prior experience is required.  For WINDSURFING & SAILING – renters must have previous instruction or experience and be able to demonstrate basic skills.  If a renter has less than, in the sole discretion of Calema staff, the ability to safely sail, the rental will be stopped without refund.   For SAILING, a checkout for first time rentals of all boats – other than the Sunfish/Force 5 – is required.  Cost is $35 in addition to the rental.

CANCELLATIONS – Can be made up to 24hrs in advance with full refund for rentals.  Cancellations made by Calema or due to weather conditions – are changeable or refundable.  Cancellations less than 24hrs and no -shows are non-refundable.

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